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Please complete the below form if you would like to be a vendor for Portsmouth Pride 2024. A vendor is someone who would like to sell retail items, food items, or set up a table for their non-profit organization. Please be mindful of those different categories when completing the form. If you are unsure of what category to register please email us at with any questions. 


Once you have completed this form, the vendor manager will reach out to you about submitting any additional required paperwork in order to become a vendor. Please ensure your contact information and preferences are entered correctly. Payment links will only be sent, and confirmation of your 2024 vendor status will only be confirmed/approved, once all paperwork received. All paperwork and payments must be received by April 30th. Please read the contract thoroughly and direct any questions to the vendor manager at the above email. 


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please be sure to check the box at the bottom of the form. Sponsors are still required to fill out the preliminary form and review the contract included. You will be contacted by the vendor manager with more details once you have completed this requirement. You can also visit our sponsor page located on the website for more information.

Vendor Categories

Food Truck - $500 per truck/space

*For vendors selling food or drink with a valid license to sell in Portsmouth Virginia and meets health department requirements.


Retail Vendor - $300 per tent space

*For vendors selling retail items with a valid business license.


Non-Profit Vendor - $150 per tent space

*For non-profit organizations who would like to advertise (only memberships to your organization can be sold if applicable; no merchandise can be sold in this category. If you wish to sell merch please sign up as a retail vendor)


Sponsors - Please visit the sponsor page for further details

Vendor Sign-Up Form

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